Château de la Liguière

A long term vision

La Liquière is the amazing story of a family, who has strived, over the past couple of generations, to bring the best out of the terroir of Faugères. Our grandfather, Jean Vidal, played an important part in the history of our family. He was a real pioneer, who fought for “this arid land offering little”. He found the name of our family, owners of vineyards in the district of Cabrerolles, on documents dating back to 1700. Back then, wine was a product used for barter. Later on, it became a product for trade, and it wasn’t until 1950 that winegrowers realised that quality was important. Our grandfather was one of the forerunners in this area.

Passionate Winegrowers family

François Vidal, who works, along with his sister Sophie and Sophie’s husband, Laurent Dumoulin. The Vidal family has been making wine here since the 1700s.


Wine is a reflection of our labour

Wine is a reflection of our labour, carried out throughout the year, resulting in the production of good quality grapes. We have opted for short cane pruning, ploughing between each rootstock, to avoid the use of chemical weedkillers. We also use organic manure instead of artificial fertilisers. Through the constant monitoring of the vineyard, we limit the use of phytosanitory products, perfecting to manually take care of each plant : debudding, thinning out of the leaves, green harvesting…By taking care of the vineyard in such a way, we can limit the number of buds on each trunk, thereby producing fully ripened grapes. In view of picking the best grapes, we handpick the harvest in small crates


Attention to detail and desire for perfectionism, we are all trying to go that one step further, with always in mind the aim of creating better and better wines.

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Wine Box 0 (De Tre Aromaer)

DKK 844

Vingård: Château la Liquière
Indehold i smagskassen :
2 x Les Amandiers (Rødvin)
2 x Les Amandiers (Rosévin) 
2 x Les Amandiers (Hvidvin)