How do I activate my senses in the best way before tasting?

Wine tasting technique

Wine should not just be drunk. It should be tasted by including all your tasting senses.

wines of languedoc_wine tasting

Ask for silence and focus your attention to your senses the next couple of minutes.

Look at the colour if it is clear towards a white background.

Smell the wine before and after you have swirled the wine glass. Smelling allows you to notice the difference on how the aromas are released. 

Do not drink the wine, but take a nice sip, and let the wine go around your mouth, under your tongue. Inhale some air and chew on the wine before slowly swallowing after 15 seconds.

Inhale air and enjoy aromas that are being released. Notice how long the taste lasts and pay attention to the taste. 


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2 x Les Amandiers (Rødvin)
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