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“The 3 aroma” is our wine box from our winegrower Domaine La Grangette

2x Poule de Pic
The wine has a fresh and lively taste with notes of strawberry, cherry, candy, citrus with long round aftertaste of apples, pomelo and mild acidity with mineral taste. A wine made from a single grape, Piquepoul Blanc
Grapes: 100 % Piquepoul Blanc
Degree of Alcohol: 13 %

2x Carignan Blanc
Carignan Blanc has a taste of almond, poached pears and gray pepper. The taste is creamy and elegant. The wine is produced from only one grape, Carignan Blanc, which was planted in the vineyard in 1947.
Grapes: Carignan Blanc 100%
Degree of Alcohol: 13 %

2x La Part Du Diable
La Part Du Diable has a round taste of milk, jam and a strong blackberry taste. The wine is made exclusively on Syrah. The grape is grown in the heart of a bushy landscape with surrounding olive trees that have stood there for over 300 years.
Grapes: 100 % Syrah
Degree of Alcohol: 14 %

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Wine Box 0 (De Tre Aromaer)

DKK 844

Vingård: Château la Liquière
Indehold i smagskassen :
2 x Les Amandiers (Rødvin)
2 x Les Amandiers (Rosévin) 
2 x Les Amandiers (Hvidvin)