Pierre Talayrach

The Dream Seekers…

Pierre Talayrach is one of these men : a huge heart, a firm hand, avant-garde words ; he is a visionary, a dreamer maybe. Anyway, passion makes his veins and heart beat; he brings his own part of happiness, and pain as well. Because nothing is simple or easy. Because really willing means aiming at the ultimate condition. And this landsman, with a frank look, a firm hand and deep desire, enlightens his cellar with his presence.

The classification, grape varieties and terrain

The vineyard is based in the South of France, on the edges of the Gulf of Lion, more specifically on the Roussillon coastline. Pézilla-la-Rivière is a little village at a few kilometres from Perpignan. It is located at the gate of Têt valley, river which starts in the heart of Capcir, mountain in Pyrénées-Orientales. The vineyard is established on the Perpignan-Pézilla-la-Rivière link. Mas Blanès is 1 km before the entrance of the village, on your right, at the end of a long path of vines.Plots vines take up 12 hectares and are very well located: in the South, sheltered from the tramontane, in terraces and half-hillside on an arid clay soil, covered with rolled pebbles. New-planted grapevines (March 2009) stand alongside the oldest ones, with knotted roots, planted in 1960. Yields are small: average of 36 hecto/ha.

Cellar and wine-making process

The cellar was created in 1978, built on a hillside slope, partly buried, which allows a wine-making process by gravity, thus sparing excessive pumping. Grape harvest is totally manual and the location of plots around the cellar allows to assemble grape varieties in the vat on the same harvest day.Wine-making processes are made by semi-carbonic maceration (grapes are neither destemed nor trampled beforehand, but partly crushed).

This vinification method allows fruity and supple wines with sustained and bright colours. Moreover, they are not filtered, so as to keep flavours, matter and character.

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Wine Box 0 (De Tre Aromaer)

DKK 844

Vingård: Château la Liquière
Indehold i smagskassen :
2 x Les Amandiers (Rødvin)
2 x Les Amandiers (Rosévin) 
2 x Les Amandiers (Hvidvin)