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The Day Louis Was Eating

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This visually stunning, bilingual book is an eclectic collection of recipes from across the globe. Louis is Emma’s 8 year old son, and he is a gastronome and he is always hungry! Emma has created a wide variety of recipes adapted to a busy life. She emphasises using local and seasonal produce and encourages the reader to adapt to their own local produce. All of the recipes are tried and tested, and are easy to recreate at home.
You don’t need to be a parent to buy this book as the recipes are suitable for all ages. However, if you are, Emma offers fun tips for introducing a wide range of tastes and flavours to the young palate. Written with humour, each recipe has a story. Creatively designed and beautifully photographed this is a visual feast for both the eyes and the stomach.
Although less about wine and more about food than her previous book Emma does offer the occasional wine pairings and musings. Emma worked with new designer Sofia Luce Gallo for the creative design and, as with A Taste of le Sud, artist Garth Bowden for the photography.

When buying the book, we will send you a list of which of our wines suit many of these delicious recipes.

Book info:
  • 88 recipes
  • Language: English and French
  • No. pages: 192 pages all printed in full colour, A4 portrait format
  • Free shipping

Tillgänglighet: I lager (kan restnoteras)

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